11 Camping Hacks You NEED To Know

1. Burn Sage to Repel Bugs

    When enjoying the great outdoors, there’s always that chance that a little bit of nature will try it’s hand at tasting a little bit of you. Insect bites can be very uncomfortable, so much so that insect repellent is now easily commercially available.

    If you’re looking for an effective yet affordable solution, simply bundle up some fresh sage and burn it on your campfire. When burning, the smoke from this wonderful herb will deter mosquitos and other bugs and help keep you bite-free.

    2. Share Body Warmth

      Did you know that you can attach two sleeping bags together to create a double sleeping bag? This will work with most brands of sleeping bag, and usually still works even if you have two completely different bags.

      Simply unzip each bag completely, then slide the zipper from one bag onto the next. This will create one extra-large sleeping bag for you and your partner. This is also ideal for those who find some Mummy style sleeping bags a little claustrophobic.

      3. Avoid Trip Hazards

      There’s no shame in admitting that you too have tripped over those guy lines on a dark walk back to the tent. Even Portal Outdoor’s orange guy lines can be missed in the pitch black.

      Pick yourself up a set of cheap, LED solar-powered garden lamps and set them around the tent. This works in two wonderful ways – a) you will be able to avoid tripping, and b) you will be able to find your tent really easily in the dark.

      4. Avoid Broken Eggs

      Eggs are an amazing source of protein and the perfect addition to any camping breakfast. To ensure that you can easily transport your eggs without the worry of breaking them and covering your gear in the contents, try this awesome hack.

      Before leaving for your trip, break your eggs and lightly beat them before using a kitchen funnel to pour them into a plastic bottle. A 500ml water bottle will hold around 10 extra large eggs.

      5. Avoid Sinking Keys

      Fasten a cork to your keys so that if you drop them in water, they will float to the top. This great little hack is super easy to make and could make the difference between enjoying your trip or cursing it!

      Simply insert a closed-hook with a screw tip into the cork and attached like a key fob to your keys. Life saver!

      6. Keep Your Toilet Paper Dry

      If you are camping out in the sticks and don’t have the luxury of an on-site toilet, keeping your toilet paper dry will become surprisingly important!

      Use any plastic round tub to place the toilet roll inside, and cut a slit vertically so that you can feed the paper out as required. You can thank us later.

      7. Spice Up Your Cooking

      To make the most of your campfire cooking, you’ll want to pack some spices to take with you.  To keep them dry pack a small amount of each spice into an empty tic-tac container.

      These handy little boxes will keep your spice dry, and also offer a convenient way to use them through the little flap at the top.

      8. Make Soap Simple

      When camping, keeping your hands clean and free from germs is essential. Using a bar of soap isn’t always ideal as you need somewhere clean to store it.

      Instead, make yourself single-use soap leaves by peeling layers off a big bar with a vegetable peeler. Store these in a waterproof container and just take what you need each time.

      9. Easy Cotton Pad Fire Starters

      If you’ve got some old candles and a pack of cotton pads, the type used to wipe off makeup or nail polish, then you can make yourself some nifty fire starters.

      To make these cotton pad fire starters, firstly melt down some old candles so that they are fully liquid. Use a pair of tongs to soak the cotton pads one by one into the wax. Once the cotton pad is fully covered in wax, remove it and leave to dry on some kitchen foil. Store in an airtight container. Use as you would any fire starter, and be amazed at how long these can burn for!

      10. Level-Up Your Cooking

      Instead of marinating, simply place some fresh rosemary on top of white-hot coals to perfectly season your food. The flavour will rise up and through your food to create a beautifully savoury flavour.

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