5 Reasons Why Your Next Tent Should Be Inflatable

5 Reasons Why Your Next Tent Should Be Inflatable

We’ve all been there – it’s wet, it’s windy, it's getting dark and the kids are screaming. Time to get the tent set up so you can get some well-earned rest…

Avoid all the hassle by purchasing an inflatable Air Tent, such as the Portal Outdoor Alfa 4 or Alfa 5.

Air tents, or "inflatable" tents are becoming more and more popular on the campsite, and there are some compelling reasons for this. We've run through the top reasons and placed them in this guide.

Why should you invest in an Air Tent?

Here’s our Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Hassle Free – It’s simple to setup an Air Tent. Instead of using traditional tent poles that interlock, you simple inflate the strong beams that form the structure of the tent.
  2. It’s fast! – Many air tents can be fully inflated and deflated in minutes, leaving you to simply secure the guy ropes and enjoy!
  3. It’s light! – The absence of tent poles means you end up with a lighter tent, and also benefit by saving on packing space.
  4. Perfect for Families – Less time spent setting up at the camp site means more time enjoying your camping holiday, and all of those precious memories.
  5. No Compromise – An air tent is perfectly stable solution that offers comfortable accommodation for your camping companions.

It's clear then that investing in an inflatable tent can save precious time, whilst making your camping holiday that little bit less stressful.

Won't it just blow away?

You can secure your air tent just like a regular tent. Using high quality tent pegs and securing the structure with the guy ropes will ensure that your tent is safe and secure. 

Where can I get one?

Portal Outdoor are pleased to present the Alfa Air Tent range, available in two sizes – the Alfa 4 which comfortably sleeps up to four occupants, whilst the large Alfa 5 sleeps five people comfortably.

Shop now at www.portal-outdoor.com