Portal Outdoor King Size Air Bed in front of Sunset Background.

This range of highly practical and functional air beds from Portal Outdoor are designed to make your next camping trip as comfortable as possible.

Choose from either our most popular King Size Air Bed, or a smaller solution from the range - either the Queen Size or a Single Size inflatable bed.

Manufactured from high quality materials, this range of air beds are focused on delivering great quality at an affordable price point.

The King Size air bed can support up to 240kg in weight, making it a perfect solution for couples enjoying a camping trip together.

Once deflated, these air beds have a very small footprint, making them easy to store and transport.

Key Features:

  • COMFORTABLE AIR BED - Special bar construction offers high stability and maximum comfort.
  • READY TO USE IN MINUTES - Easy to use valve allows for rapid inflation and deflation.
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY - Velvet-velor surface is skin friendly, and phthalate free in the interest of your health.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, WATERPROOF SURFACE - The phthalate free PVC surface is easy to wipe clean, and is fully waterproof.
  • HIGH MAXIMUM LOAD - The Portal Outdoor airbed range supports up to 240kg for a comfortable nights sleep for all.

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    Portal Outdoor Inflatable Air Beds

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    Portal Outdoor are proud to present their Airbed range, manufactured from high quality Phthalate-free PVC.

    This skin-friendly PVC is coated on top with a velvet-velor surface to provide you with a comfortable airbed experience.

    An easy to use valve allows for fast inflation and deflation of the Airbed, making it ideal for camping, festivals or even guests in your home.

    Selected models from the Portal Outdoor airbed range support up to 240kg, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep for all.

    Portal Outdoor offer their Airbeds in Single, Queen and King sizes, ensuring a solution for all users is available from this high-quality range.

    Each airbed packs away to a small footprint, leaving it ready for storage before your next adventure!

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    Air Bed Range Comparison Table

    Single Air Bed
    Queen Air Bed
    King Air Bed
    Rapid Inflation Valve
    Phthalate-Free PVC
    Waterproof Surface
    Inflated Dimensions (LxHxW) 185 x 23 x 75 cm 203 x 23 x 152 cm 203 x 45 x 152 cm
    Packed Dimensions (LxHxW) 17 x 15 x 64 cm 29 x 12 x 32 cm 29 x 14 x 36 cm
    Weight (When Empty 1.68 kg 3.83 kg 5.80kg
    Maximum Load 100 kg 240 kg 240 kg

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    Air Bed FAQs and top tips

  • How do I inflate my air bed?
  • Air beds can be inflated either manually, using a hand or foot pump, or using an electric pump that takes the strain out of the task. Be sure not to over inflate your air bed, which could cause damage.

  • Should my air bed lose air overnight?
  • It is perfectly normal for your air bed to lose some of it's air overnight. Changes in the atmosphere and temperature can lead to this, but you should also check the caps are tight if you notice substantial air loss. Avoid overfilling or applying sudden impact to the air bed to avoid damaging the air-proof seals.

  • How do I deflate my air bed ready for storage?
  • Many pumps now include a deflate function, allows you to reverse the inflation process and successfully remove all of the air from the bed. If you do not have this option, you can deflate the bed by completely unscrewing the valve caps. Begin rolling the air bed from the opposite end to the valve, expelling any remaining air as you go.

  • Can I clean my air bed?
  • It is possible to clean your air bed, provided you take care not to damage it. We recommend using a mild soap applied with a damp washcloth. You should allow the bed to air-dry, and ensure no moisture remains before packing it away.

  • Can I use an air bed instead of a regular bed, permanently?
  • We would not recommend that you use an air bed for more than a few days at a time. They are designed for occasional use, such as for camping trips or as guest beds.