Portal Outdoor Alfa 4 Air Tent on Landscape Background.

Inflatable Tents make camping easy, fun and accessible for all.

We’ve all been there – it’s wet, it’s windy, it's getting dark and the kids are screaming. Time to get the tent set up so you can get some well-earned rest…

Avoid all the hassle by purchasing an inflatable Air Tent, such as the Portal Outdoor Alfa 4 or Alfa 5. Air tents, or "inflatable" tents are becoming more and more popular on the campsite, and there are some compelling reasons for this. We've run through the top reasons and placed them in this guide.

Why should you invest in an Air Tent?

Here’s our Top 5 Reasons:

  • Hassle Free – It’s simple to setup an Air Tent. Instead of using traditional tent poles that interlock, you simple inflate the strong beams that form the structure of the tent.
  • It’s fast! – Many air tents can be fully inflated and deflated in minutes, leaving you to simply secure the guy ropes and enjoy!
  • It’s light! – The absence of tent poles means you end up with a lighter tent, and also benefit by saving on packing space.
  • Perfect for Families – Less time spent setting up at the camp site means more time enjoying your camping holiday, and all of those precious memories.
  • No Compromise – An air tent is perfectly stable solution that offers comfortable accommodation for your camping companions.

  • It's clear then that investing in an inflatable tent can save precious time, whilst making your camping holiday that little bit less stressful.

    Won't it just blow away?

    You can secure your air tent just like a regular tent. Using high quality tent pegs and securing the structure with the guy ropes will ensure that your tent is safe and secure.

    Where can I get one?

    Portal Outdoor are pleased to present the Alfa Air Tent range, available in two sizes – the Alfa 4 which comfortably sleeps up to four occupants, whilst the large Alfa 5 sleeps five people comfortably.

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    The Alfa inflatable tents from Portal Outdoor are the perfect solution for your next family adventure.

    Key Features

  • Inflatable Beams - Three high pressure air beams are rapidly inflated to create the structure of the tent. Included is a two-way air pump with adapters.

  • Sleeps up to Five People - This tent can comfortably sleep up to five people (Alfa 5) in the bedroom compartment, whilst also benefiting from a generous porch for additional storage and living space.

  • Separate Bedroom - A separate bedroom compartment allows you to make the most out of this tent. A large porch, with front and side doors make this tent easy to access and enjoy.

  • Large Windows - Roll up internal window blinds aid privacy for the large panoramic windows in both the Alfa 4 and Alfa 5 tents.
  • Assembly

    The tent is assembled in just minutes, and provides ample room for up to four occupants. The frame of the tent is formed using three high pressure inflatable air tubes.

    These tubes are inflated using the two-way pump, included with the tent, which inflates whether pushing or pulling. You can also use the same pump to deflate the tent, or simply unscrew the inflation valves to rapidly release the air.

    Rated 5 stars by our customers, the Alfa tent range is both affordable and highly practical.

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    Image of Portal Outdoor Alfa 4 Air Tent Image of Portal Outdoor Alfa 4 Air Tent Floor Plan
    Alfa 4 Floor Plan

    Image of Portal Outdoor Alfa 5 Air Tent Floor Plan
    Alfa 5 Floor Plan

    Inflatable Tents Overview

    Inflatable tents have been around for a number of years now, but for many experienced campers, they have been seen as a novelty. These highly versatile tents are easy to setup, and also benefit from being much lighter than their counterparts thanks to an absence of poles altogether.

    How Air Tents Work

    Air Tents form their structure through a number of inflatable "beams". These are direct replacements for regular tent poles, and can be inflated with a regular foot pump in just seconds. Many tents will come with their own air pump, such as those from Portal Outdoor. Our pump has a two-way action that allows you to be inflating with both up and down movements in the pump.

    Pitching an Air Tent

    Pitching the inflatable tent is much the same as a regular tent, and no extra work is involved here. Simply attach the tent, and it's guy ropes to secure pegs like you would with any other tent. Be sure to use the correct types of tent pegs for the ground you are pitching on. You can find out more about the types of tent pegs available, and when you use them here.

    Taking Down an Air Tent

    When taking down the air tent, you can either unscrew the valve cap, releasing the majority of the air in one attempt, or use the deflate function of the pump. Using the reverse option of the pump will ensure that you remove all of the air from the tubes. This will help when it comes to packing your tent away, reducing the size of the tent as much as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How strong are the beams and valves - won't they break like cheap inflatables I am used to?

    Air tents are manufactured using high quality materials. The air beams are made from a material that will not stretch, and often contain an "air bladder" inside that prevents the air from escaping. The valves used are also of a high quality, and will provide a lifetime of secure function. At Portal Outdoor we have heavily researched the most effective materials for this application, and are pleased to feature them in the Alfa 4 and 5 Air Tents.

  • Are the beams as strong as fibreglass or steel poles - how do they react to high winds?

    Thanks to their high pressure design, the air beams in inflatable tents become very strong and sturdy once inflated. These beams face no issues in the wind, maintaining their sturdiness. As with any tent, the key to weathering any weather is in the strong, well planned securing of the tent, making proper use of the guy ropes and choosing suitable pegs.

  • How susceptible are they to punctures?

    In order to be as sturdy as they are, the air beams in inflatable tents are made from very hard wearing, robust materials. It is very unlikely that you will pick up a puncture in your air beams, but in the event that you do, they are very easy to repair. You can simply use a puncture repair kit, or in some cases replace the beam with a spare. If you take care to check the ground you are setting up on, and surrounding areas for sharp objects, there is very little risk that you will puncture the beams.

  • Could someone deflate the tent maliciously?

    Depending on the design of the air tent, it is possible to undo the valves and release the air from the beams from the outside, as it would be also to release the poles from the pins on a regular poled tent. Inflatable tents often have a number of stop valves, and do not usually have just one air-release. This means that only one of the beams would be affected at a time - maintaining the rest of the structure.

  • Are they better than tents with fibreglass or steel poles?

    Tents with fibreglass or steel poles are extremely popular. They are usually inexpensive, easy for two people to setup together and come in a number of different configurations. Air tents however, can offer a solution for those that may need to pitch the tent alone, or have had issues with pitching poled tents in the past.

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