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Portal Outdoor proudly present the Aspen Cool Bag range. The Aspen range combines contemporary design and practicality for a touch of luxury wherever you are. The versatile cool bag is ideal for camping, glamping and festivals or just relaxing at the beach.

Food and drinks can be kept cool or warm for 5-7 hours and cooling time can be increased if ice packs are used in conjunction with the bag.

Made from high quality 600D Polyester, the bag is both durable and lightweight and the lining is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The main compartment of the bag has a zip closure for quick, yet secure access.

On the top of the bag, there is a clear zipped PVC pocket and on either end of the bag there is a mesh pocket, both of which are great for holding small items such as keys or a mobile phone. Easy to carry webbing adjustable shoulder strap feels comfortable and sturdy. The cool bag also features practical Velcro straps which can be attached to bicycle handle bars.

This cool bag is the perfect accompaniment for an idyllic day spent with family and friends enjoying the great outdoors. The compact cool bag is easy to transport, use in the great outdoors and convenient to store away.

Key Features:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - Easy to transport and built from lightweight materials.
  • VERSATILE - Ideal to accompany you camping, on a visit to the beach, or even at festivals.
  • FULLY INSULATED - It has a fully insulated main compartment for food or drinks.
  • 5-7 HOURS - Keeps food and drink cool or warm for 5-7 hours.
  • PRACTICAL - The 12 litre cool bag features practical Velcro straps which can be attached to bicycle handle bars.

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    What is a cool bag?

    A cool bag is a container primarily designed to store food. Cool bags are manufactured from a number of materials and technologies, designed to help maintain the temperature of their contents for as long as possible. Available in sizes all the way from individual lunch boxes all the way up to large electric cooling boxes.

    Top Tips for Choosing a Cool Bag

    Not all cool bags are created equal! Here's some top tips to help you choose a cool bag that fits your needs.

  • Insulation Time - A key indicator of the insulation on offer is the length of time the bag has been proven to maintain the temperature of it's contents for. Cool bags such as those in the Portal Outdoor Aspen range can boast a 5-7 hour insulation time.

  • Capacity - This is often measured in litres, and can range from just a handful, all the way up to 36 or more. Choose one that will fit your picnic in most adequately. A 12 Litre bag is more suited for a light lunch for a couple, where as a 36 Litre bag can easily hold lunch and cooled drinks for a whole family.

  • Straps and Fixing - Vital to the practicality of your cool bag are the straps included to carry it. Smaller cool bags such as the Aspen 12L bags offer an option to attach themselves to a bike's handlebars. For larger bags, such as the Aspen 36L bag, a strong padded over the shoulder strap provide a more suitable support for the weight.

  • Maximise Cooling Time - Want to keep your items colder for longer? Invest in a range of freezer boards, which can be inserted alongside your picnic to help it stay cooler, even on the hottest of days. Simply freeze the freezer boards overnight, and place inside the cool bag when packing it the next day.

  • Cleaning - Many cool bags have a foil lining on the inside. This is not always waterproof, so the best way to clean your cool bag is usually to use an antibacterial wipe to remove and debris and kill germs.

  • Multiple Compartments - Some cool bags now offer additional storage, which make them even more practical for your next picnic. The 12L Aspen cool bag for instance offers a see-through pocket on the top which can be used to secure your phone, keys or any other belongings.

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    Portal Outdoor present the 36 Litre Aspen Cool Bag, available in either the striking Active or festival-ready Electro finish.

    The larger of the Aspen cool bag family, this 36 Litre cool bag provides ample room for a whole families picnic, along with drinks.

    A comfortable handle and shoulder strap allow for pleasurable carrying of the bag, even when laden with heavy food.

    Portal Outdoor have manufactured this cool bag from high quality materials, ensuring a strong, reliable finish that can keep the contents cold or warm for up to 7 hours.


  • Outer material: 100 % polyester 600D
  • Inner lining: 100 % PEVA (polyethylene-vinyl acetate)
  • Insulation: 100 % EPE foam
  • Length: 45cm
  • Width: 30cm
  • Height: 30cm
  • Volume: 36 Litres
  • Weight: 0.7kg

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    Picture of Portal Outdoor Aspen Electro 36L Cool Bag