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Portal Outdoor are pleased to offer an extensive range of lightweight, portable, folding camping tables. Enjoy the the scenery on your next trip in ultimate comfort.

Thanks to substantial investment into product development, Portal Outdoor have produced a range of innovative and progressive camping table designs, each with it's own distinct merits.

Choose from a small, chair-side table to secure your drinks (i.e. the Portal Outdoor Zoe), or the ultimate in portable tables, the luxurious Portal Outdoor Hawaii Table, made from lightweight aluminium and benefiting from a slatted table top for easy storage.

Portal Outdoor Folding Table Highlights:

  • EXTREMELY PORTABLE - Lightweight, yet highly functional, these tables are perfect for the great outdoors.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT - The table quickly and easily folds down flat to allow for easy storage.
  • EASY TO SET UP - No assembly is required, simply unfold and the table is ready for use.
  • MAXIMUM LOAD 30KG - Selected tables in the range support up to a 30kg load whilst only weighing a fraction of this.
  • UV RESISTANT - Built-in protection ensures that sunlight will not fade or damage the tables.

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    What is a camping table?

    Camping tables are specifically designed for use outside, and as such are built to be lightweight, portable and of course durable. Ranging from small tables that can hold a few drinks and snacks next to your camping chair, all the way up to tables fit for a whole family to eat around, these tables are built to offer you the best outdoor dining experience available.

    Many Camping Tables are now manufactured from ultra-lightweight materials, such as aluminium, which boasts notable strength to weight ratios. This makes for cost effective, strong and lightweight tables that are easy to transport, even when camping.

    Top Tips for Choosing a Camping Table

  • Camping Table Use - When choosing a camping table, it's important to first determine exactly what it's use will be. Manufacturers now offer camping tables in many different sizes and styles, each with it's own merits. When on your own or in a couple, something smaller will usually work fine, but if you are on a trip with your family, consider investing in a larger table that can hold a heavier load.
  • Camping Table Type - Tables are now available in a number of styles - each offers it's own benefits. We've highlighted some of the options here for you to help decide with suits you best:

    • Folding Tables: Perhaps the most popular camping table is the traditional folding table. Similar to a pasting table in design, these tables fold flat, but will usually still have a footprint equal to at least half of the table top surface when folded, meaning they take up more space too store.
    • Adjustable Height Tables: A great feature often found on camping tables is the ability to adjust the height of the legs. These telescopic legs enable you to not only adjust the overall height of the table to match your chairs, but also to eliminate wobbles caused by uneven surfaces.
    • Roll Top Camping Tables: One of the most beneficial advances of recent camping table designs is the roll top, or slatted top. This allows you to install and remove the table top quickly, whilst benefiting from saving a substantial amount of space when storing and transporting the table.
  • Storage Bags - Many camping tables will include a bag to store and transport it in. These bags can make keeping your table in good condition much easier, and also allow for easier transportation. Look for bags that include handles or straps for the best storage solution.
  • Table Top Material - Look for a table top that is easy to clean. An easy-wipe, waterproof surface will make taking care of your new camping table much easier, and help protect it from from spills. Some premium camping tables also offer a scratch-proof surface, ensuring your table stays looking as good as new for it's whole lifespan.

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    Easy to slide on and use, this wipe-clean, UV fade-resistant table top makes the Portal Outdoor Faro and Porto tables the perfect companion on your next camping, fishing or festival trip.

    Lightweight, yet highly functional, these tables are perfect for the great outdoors. Setup in minutes, enjoy for hours.

    Simple to open and close, once packed away the Portal Outdoor Faro and Porto Tables slide into their convenient storage bag.


  • Table Top: Aluminium Panels
  • Frame: Powder Coated Aluminium Panels
  • Feet: Plastic Stoppers
  • Length: 60cm
  • Width: 60cm
  • Height: 45cm
  • Load capacity: Maximum 30kg
  • Packing size: (LxWxH) 76 x 16 x 12cm
  • Article net weight approx.: 2.1kg
  • Storage Bag: Included

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    The Hawaii portable folding camping table combines contemporary design and comfort for a touch of luxury wherever you are. The versatile table is ideal for camping, glamping and festivals or just relaxing at the beach.

    The durable frame is made from robust, yet lightweight aluminium tubing and has a maximum loading capacity of 30kg.

    The compact folding table is easy to transport, use in the great outdoors and convenient to store away.


  • Table Top: Matte Aluminium Slats
  • Frame: Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • Feet: Plastic Stoppers
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Height: 70cm
  • Load capacity: Maximum 30kg
  • Quick clip + roll assembly without tools
  • Packing size: (LxWxH) 120 x 18 x 12cm
  • Article net weight approx.: 7.5kg
  • Carry Bag: Included

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