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This extensive range of practical tents from Portal Outdoor offer a shelter solution, no matter the size of your party.

So that the weight is not Lightweight frames, market leading design and practical features are all demonstrated throughout this range of tents.

Made from hard-wearing, high quality materials, these tents are suitable for use camping on a tradition campsite, at a festival, or even trekking.

Choose from our full range of tents for a solution that is suited to your needs. From Air Tents to large Tunnel Tents - there's something for everyone.

Check out our guide below on choosing a tent, and decide which style and size is best suited to your needs.

Portal Outdoor Tents - Key Features:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT SOLUTION - Made with lightweight materials, these tents also offer a small footprint when packed.
  • SEWN-IN GROUNDSHEET - Many of the tents offer extensive protection from insects and moisture through a sewn-in groundsheet.
  • FIBREGLASS POLES - Extremely lightweight, the poles fold down to reduce the size for transportation.
  • TRIPLE VENTILATION - Look out for a tent that includes extra ventilation for a comfortable flow of fresh air.
  • CARRY BAG - All of our tents include a high quality carry case for easy storage and transportation of your tent.

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    What types of tent are there?

    Thanks to extensive developments in product design and manufacture, there are now more types of tent than ever previously available. We've highlighted the top variations that you should be aware of, and discuss the benefits of each style.

    Types of Tent

  • Pop-Up Tents - These tents can be erected in just seconds. They typically have a frame that "pops" into shape, and requires a twisting motion to take down. Typically low cost, and rather small - these tents are best suited for kids or festivals.
  • Backpacking / Trekking Tents - If you are looking for something lightweight and practical for long expeditions, a trekking tent can be ideal. They are usually designed for no more than 2 occupants, and have a relatively small footprint. These tents are usually rather low to the ground, and are designed to offer a simple, lightweight and easily transportable shelter against all types of weather. They are designed to withstand high winds and rain.
  • Dome Tents - A dome tent is a style of tent, usually consisting of at least two poles forming a dome in the centre of the tent. Offering a decent level of headroom, these tents are particularly popular with couples and small families. Their simple design has cemented them as one of the most popular and affordable styles of tent today.
  • Tunnel Tents - If you are finding a Dome Tent a little too crowded, it's logical to step up to a Tunnel Tent instead. These tents are built around a series of curved poles that create a "tunnel". Offering the occupants more floor space and headroom, these tents are ideal for larger families staying on campsites.
  • Vis–à–Vis - These tents are increasingly popular with families. They consist of two separate sleeping areas (also known as bedrooms or sleeping pods) which face one another. The middle of the tent is then used as a communal area for relaxing or cooking.
  • Bell Tents - An increasingly popular style of tent thanks to the growth of the Glamping market. These tents are stylish, but are costly, and extremely heavy in many instances.
  • Inflatable Tents - As the title suggests, these tents are erected not with metal or fibreglass poles, but instead with high-pressure air beams to form the structure. Extremely quick and easy to pitch, these tents offer the ultimate in ease of use for all campers. One person can erect an air tent on their own without any issues.
  • Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tent

    Look out for these phrases and features when you are selecting a tent:

  • Berth - This is the number of people that your tent is designed to sleep. This number does not usually factor in any luggage or other gear, so it is prudent to select a tent that has a berth 1-2 higher than the number of desired occupants.
  • Sewn-In Groundsheet - This style of groundsheet is quickly becoming the standard in tents. It ensures that the tent stays dry, and stops any creepy-crawlies from getting in. The design also removes the risk of drafts that is prevalent in tents without a sewn-in groundsheet.
  • Hydrostatic Head / Waterproof Rating - Look for a tent that has a minimum PU rating of 1000. This is the minimum rating at which a tent can be called waterproof. The higher the rating, the higher protection you will have from the rain.
  • Fibreglass Poles - Most tents will now come with fibreglass poles, unless you of course opt for an inflatable tent. These poles are lighter than traditional materials, and are also incredibly strong. Some larger tents are only available with steel poles thanks to their extra strength.

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    The Portal Outdoor Active range of tents from Portal Outdoor provide an enjoyable stay for up to four occupants, and benefit from being both contemporary in design and highly practical.

    Ideal for camping trips, festivals or wherever your next adventure is taking you!

    These tents all have a sewn-in groundsheet, protecting you from rising moisture and dirt. The outer skin is rated to 2000mm water column waterproof rating, and benefits from sealed seems to keep out even heavy and prolonged rain.

    The frame is made of lightweight fibreglass and is very stable. Construction is quick and easy - within a few minutes the tent is standing, so you can concentrate on enjoying your stay.


  • Outer Tent: 100% PU Coated, Seam Taped Polyester
  • Inner Tent: 100% Breathable Polyester
  • Floor: Polyethylene 120g/m2
  • Poles: Fibreglass
  • Sleeps: Up to 4 Occupants
  • Windows: 2 (with blinds)
  • Doors: 2 (one front and one side)
  • Large Porch Area
  • Length: 350cm
  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 130cm
  • Packed Size: 62 x 25 x 25cm
  • Weight: 6.5kg

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    Image of Portal Outdoor Java 4 Tent

    Image of Portal Outdoor Java 4 Tent

    Image of Portal Outdoor Java 4 Tent Floor Plan

    The Alfa inflatable tents from Portal Outdoor are the perfect solution for your next family adventure.

    Key Features

  • Inflatable Beams - Three high pressure air beams are rapidly inflated to create the structure of the tent. Included is a two-way air pump with adapters.

  • Sleeps up to Five People - This tent can comfortably sleep up to five people (Alfa 5) in the bedroom compartment, whilst also benefiting from a generous porch for additional storage and living space.

  • Separate Bedroom - A separate bedroom compartment allows you to make the most out of this tent. A large porch, with front and side doors make this tent easy to access and enjoy.

  • Large Windows - Roll up internal window blinds aid privacy for the large panoramic windows in both the Alfa 4 and Alfa 5 tents.
  • Assembly

    The tent is assembled in just minutes, and provides ample room for up to four occupants. The frame of the tent is formed using three high pressure inflatable air tubes.

    These tubes are inflated using the two-way pump, included with the tent, which inflates whether pushing or pulling. You can also use the same pump to deflate the tent, or simply unscrew the inflation valves to rapidly release the air.

    Rated 5 stars by our customers, the Alfa tent range is both affordable and highly practical.

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    Image of Portal Outdoor Alfa 4 Air Tent Image of Portal Outdoor Alfa 4 Air Tent Floor Plan
    Alfa 4 Floor Plan

    Image of Portal Outdoor Alfa 5 Air Tent Floor Plan
    Alfa 5 Floor Plan